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ISO 9001:2000 | Apollo is an established company applying quality management systems... REFERENCES | Take a look at our industry accreditation, references and qualifications here...
home Health & Safety Systems & Policy BBBEE | Apollo’s BEE credentials and shareholding make the company a preferred BEE partner within... The final quality assessment remains top-of-mind for the Apollo crew on each and every project, so much so that quality has become an instinctive approach brought on by the many years experience of doing it this way.    

Apollo has consistently delivered high-quality projects on time, within budget and according to industry safety requirements. As a result, Apollo has achieved official certification by TÜV with  ISO 9001:2000 accreditation for our quality management systems in the construction and installation of electrical & instrumentation projects. This testifies to the high standards and positive work ethic established at Apollo.
The safety record of the bidding company is key when it comes to contract selection. Apollo clients, acknowledging this, have consistently awarded contracts to us based on our fanatical approach to safety standards. Indeed, it is known as amongst the best the industry has to offer.

Apollo has recently been assessed against the provisions of the NOSA Five Star System for Occupational Health and Safety Management and awarded the 5 Star rating, simply formalising what has been in effect for many years at Apollo.
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