SYSTEMS & POLICY                 
Apollo has an impressive reputation for safety and quality assurance. Many of Apollo’s policies and procedures have been formalised into basic operational manuals including buying, finance & admin, human resources and management practice. Apollo has formalised its safety and quality standards and complies with all pertinent regulations. 

The Directors of Apollo E & I Construction (Pty) Ltd (Apollo), are committed to the implementation and maintenance of a suitable Quality Management System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 while ensuring strict compliance to the contractual, legislated and regulatory requirements of interested and affected parties.

We fully recognise the impact and opportunities that the adherence to quality principles affords us in supplying quality products and service to customers, while maintaining/improving our business plan objectives and the economic results of the company.

The Directors of Apollo will ensure that the Quality Management System is communicated, implemented and maintained by all personnel and will continually focus on improving the effectiveness of the system for the ongoing benefit of the company and its customers.

Our primary Company Business Objectives include:
Providing agreed levels of Product Quality and Service to our Customers by appreciating and fully understanding their needs and expectations.
Maintaining the necessary competent and capable resources to comply with Regulatory and Clients’ requirements.
The continual assessment and provision of our personnel's training needs in order to benefit all stakeholders.
The expansion of our Customer base, through recognition as being a consistent and reliable provider of Quality Products and Service.
The reduction of our operational costs, through the effective implementation of the Quality Management System.
Involving and encouraging our suppliers to continually improve their performances.
The continual identification and introduction of new innovative operational methods and technology to supplement our services. 
The safety and health of our people and their families are of vital importance to Apollo. In addition to client requirements, management strives towards setting goals to improve the safety standards of the company.
We undertake to provide a safe working environment for all.
We acknowledge that Safety takes precedence over work related matters / costs and that injuries are a financial burden to both the individual and the company.
The development of effective incident reporting and investigation systems.
The establishment of an effective Safety Management plan, covering all our activities inclusive of all our Sub-Contractors.

We will work and act in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
We will do everything possible to prevent injuries, occupational diseases, losses and pollution.

The long term success of  Apollo depends on the total contribution of everyone to create a safe and healthy work place and environment.
Apollo believes that the quality of the air, water, and soil should be protected for the continued benefit of all ecosystems, this protection will ensure that the needs of this and future generations are met. Apollo is committed to avoid, reduce and control pollution, it pledges to act responsibly and with due regard to the effects of its operations, products, and services on the environment.

Manage and use the natural resources responsibly.
Conduct environmental impact assessments when establishing new facilities.
As a minimum requirement, comply with the relevant environmental legislation and  Safety and Health legislations.
Support research into the protection of the environment.
Practice the recycling and re-utilisation of waste material.
Promote continual improvement in environmental, health and safety performances.
Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the community.
Maintain open relationships with employees, relevant authorities and community.
Make this policy available to all parties.
Establish an environmental management system incorporating all aspects of our business.
Train and motivate employees to regard environmental considerations as an integral and vital element of their day to day activities.
Manage, monitor and audit the environmental performances of its operations, activities, products and services to accepted environmental management standards.
Protecting the environment is an obligation and not a choice.
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